Smart FM Radio Old Man Woman Walking Stick Lighting Alarm - 3589

Equipped with FM FM radio, manual tuning, very convenient, high-power playback, sound and sound
Hazard alarm, when the old man is in danger, press it, the sound is over 80 decibels, and it can be heard far away.
Red flashing warning lights at night, always reminding people and pedestrians to protect the safety of the elderly
LED auxiliary lights can be used for lighting at night to prevent the old man from falling over and wrestling. The intimate 45 degree design can be seen in front of the foot and is safer.
Non-slip handle,

৳ 1,999.00 ৳ 2,500.00

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Courier Delivery ( S A Paribahan Courier Service)

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Useful: Our premium walking cane provides you with superior support in all conditions and easily folds up for you to take it anywhere you go.Foldable Canes Design: Easy and smooth folding the walking canes into 4 convenient parts/snap out automatically. Supports up to 250 pounds.Adjustable 5 Height Levels: Just push of a button on the top of the walking cane, it instantly adjusts to any of 5 convenient heights from 33 inch to 37 inch.Lightweight and Safety: Anodized aluminum shaft of this walking stick provides maximum safety and endurance while remaining lightweight. Equivalent to the weight of two IPHONE 5s. Ergonomically Designed Handle: Contoured to fit the shape of the palm and relieve pressure from wrist, this walking stick for men & women has comfortable contour grip with rubber tip.


Providing additional support and stability while walking on any surface, the folding cane is durable, lightweight and adjustable.The collapsible cane also features an ergonomic hand grip to reduce hand and wrist fatigue, a slip-resistant rubber tip to provide additional traction and a convenient storage sleeve for portability.Those who need added stability Those who have arthritis Around the house Running errands Traveling Hiking WHY CHOOSE US? Price: Among the most affordable canes out there.

Foldable Cane Design Style:

Height adjustments walking sticks for men women from 33 inch to 37 inch accommodate users with different 5 heights.


Constructed with a durable, sturdy, rust-resistant anodized aluminum, the collapsible cane is lightweight yet sturdy, safely supporting up to 250 pounds.


The handle is comfortable and attached well, no shaking or wobbling. The integrated wrist strap keeps the folding cane from dropping to the ground when released.


  1. Weight: 220g Handle
  2. Length: 12cm Folding
  3. Size: 26 × 14cm
  4. Material: Aluminum alloy The rod tip material: Rubber Adjustable heights: 84-93cm/33-37 Inch
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