MI TS Sunglass - Black
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  • High-end Sunglasses Prefer Polyamide Polarized Lens
  • Polyamide Polarized™ Lens Effectively Isolate Glare
  • Lightweight Lens Material
  • Barycenter Shifted Backward Design Comfortable for Wear
  • Integral Non-welded Frame
  • 304H Stainless Steel

MI TS Sunglass



High-end Sunglasses Prefer Polyamide Polarized Lens: Polyamide lens is an ultra -UV-resistant transparent crystal material, as a widely used material in aviation equipment, bullet-proof glass, and military products, the advantage is that it will not scatter visible light, the material itself can be 100% UVA, IJVB isolated, different from the membrane isolation. The role of the polarized lens is to filter out glare, scattered light, and refracted light, to show the real objects you see, increase color saturation, make your vision dearer. 
Polyamide Polarized™ Lens Effectively Isolate Glare: Polyamide PolarizedT" lens can filter out glare, scattered light, and refracted light, to show things more vivid, reduce fatigue, make your vision clearer. The lenses are from Japan, with multilayer protection, restore the real color, strengthen the polarization effect, more comfortable to wear.
Lightweight Lens Material: The density of Polyamide PolarizedTM is only 1.02g/cm3, it's one of the lightweight lens materials. Barycenter Shifted Backward Design Comfortable for Wear: In addition to the property of the lens, the ergonomic design of the frame also determines the comfort of a pair of glasses, its essence is how to deal with the location of the center of gravity, thus deploy the load-bearing ratio of nose pads and glasses sleeve, to achieve the best wear experience. The barycenter of TS polyamide polarized sunglasses is 8mm behind than the normal 3025 sunglasses, so you'll feel light and graceful when wearing it.
Integral Non-welded Frame: TS polyamide polarized sunglasses with integrated molding frame, laser carved, there is no welding point. Using "frameless" design, frame steel embedded into the lens slot line, to achieve the frameless visual effect. Only with the sturdy and stable physical properties of polyamide, the slotting process can be done through the glasses, thus to make the appearance of TS sunglasses extraordinary. 
304H Stainless Steel: Using advanced craftwork with seamless technology. Explosion-proof impact resistance. Optimum Grip Force for Human Body Grip force times reduced

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